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In addition to a Standard or Non-Standard PRSA the following products are also available                        through this site,and are underwritten by Zurich Life


You can make Additional Voluntary Conributions (AVCs) if you are a member of a pension scheme in the private or public sector

The benefits accruing under an AVC PRSA will be subject to the rules of the main scheme eg. Revenue limits

Zurich Trustee Services Executive / Directors Pension

This is a defined contribution plan, where contributions from yourself (employee) and your company (employer) are invested so as to provide you with a fund at retirement

Your pension will depend on the contributions made, the returns achieved, your salary, the length of service with the company, and the cost of the “pension” at retirement

Approved Retirement Fund

These products allow you to reinvest your pension fund and take out money when it is needed. Income is not guaranteed but they may be suitable for tax and estate planning




In order to qualify for an Approved Retirement Fund you must have a guaranteed annual income of €12,700. If you do not have this income, you must invest €63,500 of your fund in an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund. Once this is done, you can invest the remainder of your fund in an ARF

0.75% Annual Management Charge on 30 Matrix Funds

Pension Retirement Bond

……….also referred to as a Buy-out-Bond or Pension Transfer Plan




This is a single contribution, retirement investment product designed for those leaving employment or moving from one employer to another.

Your existing pension entitlement is transferred into a bond in your own name. This gives you control in managing your benefits and makes you independent of your former employer. You should satisfy yourself that the product is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Your Bond will provide you with a pension fund at retirement. On retirement, this fund is used to purchase your retirement benefits, which include a tax-free lump sum, a pension, dependent’s benefits, or a combination of these.


0.75% Annual Management Charge on 30 Matrix Funds


There are 20 Funds to choose from on a Standard PRSA at 1%

For other pension products, there are 30 Funds available with an Annual Management Charge of 1%.

External fund managers carry a higher management charge and protected funds are only available for once-off pension contributions