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Charging Structure

All Pension Products

  • 100% of your contribution is invested in your PRSA, Executive Pension, AVC PRSA, AMRF, ARF, Retirement Bond

  • There are no entry or sneaky exit charges on any products

  • The Annual Management Charge is 1% for PRSAs (including AVC PRSAs)


  • The Annual Management Charge for a Retirement Bond or  A(M)RF is 0.75%. NB: Lower AMCs available for substantial (circa €200k+) single contribution transfers.

  • The Annual Management Charge for a Single or Regular Contribution Executive Pension or Personal Pension is 0.75% (minimum SP €10,000 or RP €500pm) . For contributions less than these it's 1%.

  • The regulated entity is paid 0.25% by Zurich Life from the quoted annual management charges.

  • There is no additional broker fee

  • For some regular contribution contracts (eg. RACs & PRSAs), where the regulated entity inputs and generates the policy documents, Zurich Life will pay the intermediary for this work. This payment will be included in your disclosure documents, if it applies. This does not affect the charging structure.

The only contracts currently available on these terms through are with Zurich Life Assurance plc.


This should not be interpreted as a recommendation.


The pension products available through this website are for the investor who understands the relationship between risk and reward and are not looking for financial advice

We provide an execution only service on pensions that have low costs and that have access to a wide range of investment funds


I am a Financial Advisor who is authorised to provide broad based financial advice in relation to Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs), Pensions and other Insured Investment Products

My office is in Cahir, Co. Tipperary and the advisory service I provide is serviced from there

This website is handing the responsibility of pension product selection and investment choice back to you so that you save on commission and the cost of advice.

You do your own research and buy a low cost PRSA / Pension

I hope that you find this website appropriate to your needs and that you can use the products and information to take control of your retirement planning

Gerard Sheehy


Zurich Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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